Busting the Myth – How Dry Cleaning Actually Works


A lot of people have a lot of misconceptions about dry cleaning and the ways in which the procedure is carried out. Although some of these myths are true to the bone, there are tons of them which simply are nowhere near the truth. However, if you’re new to the system, you might be under the impression and mistake these myths to be the truth when they’re absolutely false in reality.


Myth # 1: Are My Clothes Washed?

Yes, they are, but not in water. The dry-cleaning process uses synthetic solvents and spotting agents. The cleaning medium, think large front load washing machines. Dry cleaners today have access to advanced washing technology called wet cleaning, to handle those “do not dry clean” garments and furnishings. Some clients prefer a “solvent free” cleaning method and at R&R Fabricare Canberra, we offer that choice.

Myth # 2: Dry-Cleaning harms my clothes and shortens their life…

Wrong – The dry-cleaning process actually extends the life of your clothes by removing the abrasive dust and dirt particles plus general soiling. We can dry-clean a tissue and it comes out of our machines as a tissue, imagine that in your washing machine (and the mess it makes). The dry-cleaning process does not  swell or distort the fibres in the fabrics.

Myth # 3: Colours run and garments shrink in the dry-cleaning process

Yes, they do run (bleed) and they do shrink, at times. Dry-cleaners cannot prevent this from happening because the manufacturers are supposed to pre-shrink and pre-wash the fabrics to avoid this. Many do not as it cuts their production costs, leaving us and you- the customer to deal with the problem.

Myth # 4: All Dry-Cleaners are the same – WRONG! Dry-Cleaning is expensive – compared to what?

Your clothes are a personal possession and a big investment. You chose a reputable mechanic to service your car, your wardrobe should be no different. Choose a dry-cleaner that is a member of the DIA – The Dry-Cleaning Institute of Australia. DIA members have quality standards to keep, and are bound by a code of ethics.

R&R Fabricare has been dry cleaning Canberra since 1933. We are one of the oldest and respected names in the dry-cleaning industry and that continues today with a fresh new look. Combining experience with local knowledge and a friendly staff to assist you with your dry-cleaning needs.


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