Invisible Stains

Hypothetically speaking, you have a shirt that looks absolutely clean, until you iron it. Once you iron the shirt, yellow patches start to show up on your previously clean shirt. What do you think caused these stains to come when there were absolutely no stains or marks on the clothing item prior to the ironing? They’re known as invisible stains.

What Are Invisible Stains?

Although it might sound highly unlikely to someone who has never heard of an invisible stain before, they actually do exist. Invisible stains are stains that are caused by beverages, oil substances or food. The stain might be rather visible when it’s wet, but once it dries up, it becomes invisible meaning that it disperses into the fabric.

After some time has passed, the stain will show up either by being exposed to heat, or as time passes and the stain is normally brown or yellow in color. The physics behind this is the process of caramelisation of sugar or oxidation that is present in the staining matter. Simply put, the process is the same as it would be if you leave a peeled apple in open air – it’ll turn brown.
Stains that result from oils are specifically challenging and highly stubborn when trying to get rid of. Often times, dry cleaning is the ideal way to get rid of these stains with the least bit of effort.

How Do Dry Cleaners Get Rid of Invisible Stains?

Dry cleaners are practically trained and know all there is to know about the process of getting rid of stains and similar nuisances. Invisible stains, particularly, are not the kind that will go away with the regular dry cleaning and ironing procedure that takes place for most clothing items. For the purpose of removing invisible stains from any piece of clothing item, dry cleaners ensure that they treat the stain specifically, before they put the clothing item through the normal procedure of dry cleaning.

However, if the invisible stain is given the time to oxidize, there’s a high possibility that getting it off the clothing item will be a serious challenge even for the dry cleaner. This is because once the stain is oxidized, it’ll turn brown or yellow and it will become almost impossible to remove it from the clothing item. This happens most often with oil stains and is caused because of the irregularity of the ‘cross pattern’ formed by the oil as it moves along the border of the stain following the fibers in the fabric.

Always Inform Your Dry Cleaner about Invisible Stains

When you’re giving your batch of laundry to the dry cleaner, examine each clothing item in order to ensure that there are no invisible stains present – at least, to your knowledge. In case you do know that your clothes will have invisible stains, inform your dry cleaner beforehand so they can treat the stain before anything else. This way, once the clothing item is pressed, there will be no stains on the clothing item and you won’t have to face the hassle of going back and forth.

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