Save time and Money

Unless you’re a nudist (and let’s be honest in Canberra that’s a poor life choice in Winter) you wear clothes day in and day out.

Washing machines are in every home, but the truth is they do more damage to your clothes that you know, clothes aren’t cheap, and you need to prolong the life of your investments, and dry-cleaning is a process that is gentle on clothes and gentle on the environment. Think about the time you spend washing, hanging out clothes or drying them, ironing and putting them away.

When dry-cleaning, you take a lot of that time wastage out of the equation, but it really is better for your clothes, here’s why.

Dry-cleaning is tough on stubborn stains, but it is gentle on clothes. Did you see the recent photo on our Facebook page of the 2 tissues? No, well here it is…..

Tissues washed in regular wash v dry clean

One of them had been in the washing machine, the other had been through the dry-cleaning process, if dry-cleaning is this gentle on a tissue, you now know how gentle it is on your clothes. Our professional team not only undertakes regular training, we are the only dry-cleaners in Canberra with 4 generations of knowledge in the art.

We know through years of hard work that garments that are professionally dry cleaned last longer. So, you can continue wearing that same clothes week in and week out and they’ll look their best for much longer. Looking good is an investment. Protect it by taking care of it the best way you know how — dry cleaning.

R&R Fabricare has been dry cleaning Canberra since 1933. We are one of the oldest and respected names in the dry-cleaning industry and that continues today with a fresh new look. Combining experience with local knowledge and a friendly staff to assist you with your dry-cleaning needs.

Contact us on 02 6286 3695 or visit one of our 3 Canberra locations at Yarralumla, Mawson and Weston for all your dry-cleaning needs.