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Benefits of drycleaning

Benefits of Professional Drycleaning Convenience: All you have to do is drop your clothes off and pick them up. Your cleaner takes care of the rest. Why waste hours doing washing and ironing when you get quality and convenience with drycleaning? Drycleaning is a valuable service which allows you more time to pursue all those […]

We Continue to Serve – COVID-19 News

Drycleaning is not on the list of closures as announced by the Prime Minister. Our cleaning methods kill viruses and we are being extra vigilant with cleaning procedures. We do ask, please do not come into our stores if you are unwell, and please contact your healthcare professional. Thank your to all our valued customers for […]

RR Fabricare Dry Cleaning agents in Canberra

RR Fabricare is pleased to announce we now have three dry cleaning agents at convenient locations around Canberra. Leave your dry cleaning with one of our agents for pickup by RR Fabricare: Looksmart Alterations – ‘The Canberra Centre’ Canberra City The Braddon Newsagency and Post Office – Lonsdale Street, Braddon Convention Centre Newsagency – 33 […]

Save time and Money

Unless you’re a nudist (and let’s be honest in Canberra that’s a poor life choice in Winter) you wear clothes day in and day out. Washing machines are in every home, but the truth is they do more damage to your clothes that you know, clothes aren’t cheap, and you need to prolong the life […]

Off to the slopes? Make sure you look your best!

Instead of sulking over the brutal snowy winter, how about embracing it with some fun activities such as snowboarding or skiing? Whether you are spending a ski weekend in Thredbo, Perisher or maybe you’re heading overseas to Queenstown in New Zealand, your ski jackets, pants and gloves do get soiled at the end of the […]

Colour Loss

What causes colour loss? There are many substances consumers may encounter in the course of the day that can cause colour loss. In many instances, discolouration does not appear until the item is cleaned. This will depend upon the composition and concentration of the staining substance, the type of fibre and dye stuff and the […]


Shrinkage remains one of the top five problem areas in dry-cleaning. However, well over half of the shrinkage problems are determined to be manufacturer related. There are 3 types of shrinkage – Progressive, relaxation, and felting. Progressive shrinkage Unstabilised fabrics can shrink on a cumulative or progressive basis. A small amount of shrinkage can occur […]

What you need to know about Trims

Sequins beads and Glitter Sequins, beads, glitter and ornamental trimming are back in style, especially with the Winter Ball Season on the way in Canberra. You will find them on dresses, jackets, sweaters and handbags. If you have purchased or plan to purchase a garment with this attractive trim, please be aware: Sequins are always […]

Silk – Caring for that precious garment

Silk is one of the oldest known textile fibres and is recognized for its beauty, lustre and comfort. At R&R Fabricare we ask that you consider taking some simple steps to your silk garment looking its very best.   Always store silk in a cool dry place. Never expose silk to prolonged sunlight. Be aware […]