Don’t Use Express or 1-hr Dry-Cleaners, Here’s Why

Don’t Use Express or 1-hr Dry-Cleaners - Here's Why

A work life encourages an extremely busy schedule, and while that’s exceptionally great for the person in question, it’s factual that a busy schedule also means you won’t be getting any time to do your normal tasks, such as cleaning in general including your clothes. Fortunately, there are plenty of Dry Cleaning services available in each area to make this task a lot easier than it would be otherwise.

While these services are exceptionally great for busy individuals, people do tend to get worked up over the amount of time most dry-cleaning services take to return clothes to their customers. Urging and pushing them to deliver the clothes sooner might seem tempting to the impatient customer, but it’s actually better if you just give the dry cleaner a significant amount of time to do their job. Here’s why:

The Quality of the Service

While everyone has their own style of getting their work done, not everyone thrives under pressure. In the same way, if you keep pushing and pressurizing your dry cleaner to give you your clothes sooner than the date they’re giving to you, then expect a significant decline in the quality of the dry cleaning too. This has less to do with the dry cleaner procrastinating and a lot more to do with the length of the time for the correct process.

It’s a Long Procedure

Contrary to popular belief, dry cleaning isn’t just the procedure of putting your clothes into the machine, pushing a button and handing them over to the customer. Dry cleaning is a long procedure of cleaning, softening, pressing, packaging and then handing it over. For female clothing items, many dry cleaners even have to go the extra mile to take out buttons and embellishments before the cleaning process, after which they have to sew the embellishments back on to the clothing item, and carry on with the rest of the process.

All of this takes time, and when pushed to work at a faster pace than normal, your dry cleaner obviously will not be able to do all of that as professionally as they would have done it otherwise.

Chances of Your Order Getting Messed Up

You must already be aware of the fact that no dry cleaner actually creates a separate batch for each and every customer they have. Dry cleaners make separate loads depending on the material, the color or the type of the clothing item that needs to be dry-cleaned. For instance, whites in one, and dark colors in one – this is done to ensure that the color of one clothing item doesn’t mix with the others, delicates and heavy items are another sub category entirely.

However, if you push your dry cleaner to give you your clothes early instead of giving them significant time, they might get confused under pressure and make mistakes. Not only will that cause trouble for the dry cleaner, but even you won’t be able to wear the clothing item then and there. Hence, giving your dry cleaner a good amount of time is the best thing for you as well as for them.

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