Dry-Cleaning Do’s and Don’ts

AT R&R Fabricare we pride ourselves on our customer experience because when you’re happy we are happy, and we wanted to take a little time on our Blog, to make the process even easier for you and us. A few simple steps that will ensure we get to focus on making your garment look it’s best.

#1 Business Shirts

Please ensure your shirts are off the hanger and the buttons are undone, we know how easy it is to slip them over your head after a long day at work, but this simple task means we can get to work straight away on making you look great for your next meeting.

#2 Suit Bags and Hangers

If you are bringing in a suit of any kind into us for some TLC, please leave the hangers and the suit bag at home, we don’t need them, and we don’t have the space, and we’ll just send you home with them anyway.

#3 A Quick Check

Keys, watches, tissues, condoms, wedding rings and pens are just some of the items we find on a daily basis as we get garments ready for cleaning. I quick search through your pockets before you drop your dry-cleaning into any of our 3 Canberra locations saves heartache, embarrassment and a mess for us.

#4 Mobile Phones

There’s no doubt mobiles have made our daily lives better in many ways, but when we are trying to serve you and get pertinent information about any stains or specials requests from you, please don’t use your mobile phone, we know it’s something Herb our Great Grandfather and Alan our Grandfather didn’t have to contend with in 1933 when they started R&R Fabricare, but it’s something we see and hear on a daily basis, we know the call is important to you, but clear communication makes our job and your results so much better, plus it is just a common courtesy.

#5 Give us Time

We can turn around jobs in 1 hour if we need too, but the dry-cleaning process isn’t a simple one, and to do things right, we need time with your garments and furnishings to deliver you the results you love to see. So please keep this in mind when using the services of Canberra’s longest operating dry-cleaning firm.

R&R Fabricare has been servicing Canberra since 1933 and can now be found in 3 convenient locations, Weston, Yarralumla and Mawson.


Contact us on 02 6286 3695 or visit one of our 3 Canberra locations at Yarralumla, Mawson and Weston for all your dry-cleaning needs.