Shrinkage remains one of the top five problem areas in dry-cleaning. However, well over half of the shrinkage problems are determined to be manufacturer related. There are 3 types of shrinkage – Progressive, relaxation, and felting.

Progressive shrinkage

Unstabilised fabrics can shrink on a cumulative or progressive basis. A small amount of shrinkage can occur with every clean which may go unnoticed until it becomes unsatisfactory to the customer.

Relaxation shrinkage

Relaxation shrinkage is attributed to the release of tension introduced to the fabric during manufacture. When the fabric is moistened during cleaning, the strain from the manufacture is released and the fabric returns to its more normal relaxed dimension.

Felting shrinkage

Felting shrinkage will occur in animal hair fibres such as wool, angora, cashmere and others. The surface of the fibres become entangled when exposed to heat, water, agitation, detergent or pressure, making the fabric become thick and compact. This type of shrinkage is not recoverable.

Dry-cleaning can cause shrinkage, but at R&R Fabricare we are professional DIA members and we know how to handle precious garments, so the risk is minimised or eliminated completely.

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