Silk – Caring for that precious garment

Silk is one of the oldest known textile fibres and is recognized for its beauty, lustre and comfort. At R&R Fabricare we ask that you consider taking some simple steps to your silk garment looking its very best.


  • Always store silk in a cool dry place. Never expose silk to prolonged sunlight.
  • Be aware that perspiration and some deodorants can combine to create some of the most common causes of discoluoration, colour loss and deterioration of silk fibres – clean your silks regularly if permanent damage is to be avoided.
  • Some dyes on silk fabrics may bleed when wet with solutions containing alcohol – such as perfumes, cosmetics, some antiperspirants and alcoholic drinks etc Consult our professional dry-cleaning team in Canberra for expert advice if you are not 100% sure on what you are doing with such a delicate garment.
  • Never attempt to remove stains from silk by rubbing especially when damp, silk fibres are delicate and are easily damaged, always seek a dry-cleaner with experience in dealing with silk.
  • Do not store silk in a soiled state. Consult a Dry-Cleaning Institute of Australia Industry Professional and point out any stains that are not readily apparent, they will advise on an appropriate course of action.

R&R Fabricare has been dry cleaning Canberra since 1933. We are one of the oldest and respected names in the dry-cleaning industry and that continues today with a fresh new look. Combining experience with local knowledge and a friendly staff to assist you with your dry-cleaning needs.

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