What you need to know about Trims

Sequins beads and Glitter

Sequins, beads, glitter and ornamental trimming are back in style, especially with the Winter Ball Season on the way in Canberra. You will find them on dresses, jackets, sweaters and handbags. If you have purchased or plan to purchase a garment with this attractive trim, please be aware:

  • Sequins are always delicate, but they can be serviceable if they are made properly. Unserviceable sequins can lose colour, lose shine or curl. If the thread holding them is inferior, it may break and allow the sequins to unravel. Unserviceable beads can dissolve or transfer dye to the surrounding fabric. Glitter which is glued on will almost always fall off during dry-cleaning or washing.
  • At RR Fabricare we are DIA professionals and we have the know-how to preserve the beauty of these fashionable and expensive garments, unless they are trimmed with inferior or unserviceable sequins, beads and trimming. You should return unserviceable garments to your place of purchase.

Reputable dry-cleaners should have a fair policy on these types of garments.



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